Working on your behalf, building strong futures

TOPGRADE is a team of international business experts, coaches, mentors, entrepreneurs. Providing a top level consulting, business mentorship and custom tailored solutions we are focused to offer full support to small & medium enterprises and large businesses all over the globe.

TOPGRADE is a business network created for our customers and every business person interested in top-expert services, continuous growth and innovations, strong partnerships and new markets.

Why us?

Connected to combine our knowledges, values and experience we have maintained the reputation of a trustful partner and we get recommended to other businesses by our customers. It is a sign of a deep loyalty and true satisfaction.

Continuous investment in developing of our own high technology solutions and integration them into our business ecosystem provides our customers with more benefits, services and instruments on demand.


Our experts have collectively acquired tens of thousands of hours of international consultancy experience. We know how to turn disaster into a triumph. We value real expertise and field experience as much as reputation and integrity. We respect both academic knowledge and “street” wisdom. We continuously learn from the best and keep ourselves agile and nimble, firmly committed to our cause - to serve our clients with our best knowledge and abilities.

How we work

For all clients, we undertake a deep dive into their needs, combined with a macro situational analysis and 360-degree risk-assessment. We deploy a recurring time horizon-scan to assess risk, scope opportunities, and ensure better client preparedness. We cover all business activities, working mostly on a referral basis. We maintain the highest moral and ethical standards. We know the actual value of one’s reputation and strive to protect our own. We always go above and beyond, utilise various tactics and strategies and spend as much time as needed “wargaming”, before engaging into a real situation.


What we offer

We work on behalf of ultra-high-net-worth individuals and family offices, institutions, multinational companies and provide them with a wide range of tailored services including [but not limited to]:

Safe way to enter International market

  • Market access support including in-depth overviews of local, regional, national, and global issues
  • Geo-political, security and regulatory risk advice
  • Insight into unfamiliar or complex operating environments

Minimize crisis risks, secure your deals in present & future

  • Crisis management; restructuring; management consulting and audit; and second opinion
  • Due diligence to support Know-Your-Client (KYC) processes and address global regulatory requirements
  • Counsel on anti-money laundering (AML) and anti-bribery and corruption (ABC) processes
  • Pre-deal due diligence to gain a full 360-degree understanding of investment target and insight into the operating environment including sources of potential disruption, significant security risks, exposure to corruption and misconduct.

Build up trustful reputations on the market

  • PR and Government Relations support International experience
  • Reputational, financial, and legal assessments of a potential partnership of any kind


International experience

We have a successful track record of working across Europe, former USSR, South East Asia, Middle East, China, and Africa.

The number of cases continues to grow: Oil & Gas, Retail, Construction & Development, Pharma & Medical Business, Transport & Logistics, Education & Coaching, IT & Digital, Banks & Financial Institutions, Insurance, Distribution, Agriculture, Services / HoReCa and many more


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